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Natural Food Color

Natural food colours find their use in food for enhancing the appearance and the appeal of processed food preparations.

All natural food colours produced at Rosun Spices are subjected to approval as per global standards for safety of Food, Cosmetic and Drug authorities across continents.

Rosun Spices range of natural food colours include the red from paprika fruits, yellow from turmeric roots, orange red of annatto seeds, yellow-orange from marigold flowers and green from leaves. Our range of natural food colours include the red from Paprika fruits, yellow from Turmeric roots, orange red of Annatto seeds, yellow-orange of Marigold flowers, and green from leaves.

Oleoresin Paprika

Oleoresin Paprika is obtained by solvent extraction of Indian paprika, Capsicum annuum L.(Family : Solanaceae) followed by washing with an alcoholic solvent to remove pungency. Available in a wide range of 10000 to 160000 colour value, this is used in a variety of applications like sausages, food coatings, snack food seasonings, sea food, pickles, ketchup, soups, etc. View product specifications

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